• Apply & Pay for Business Licenses
  • From Any Web-Enabled Device
  • Monitors, Tracks and Images
  • All Related Documents

INKforce - Business Tax Receipts Module

The INKforce Business Tax Receipts (BTR) (formally occupational licensing) module is a comprehensive web-based solution which enables business owners the ability to apply and pay for business licenses through our Citizen Access portal, while utilizing a web browser.  As a compliment to the Building and Permitting module all related building and permitting data is easily referenced and displayed for all applications applied for in the BTR (Business Tax Receipts) module.  The BTR module monitors, tracks and images all related documents, reviews, and inspections in order to successfully issue an official license to the business owner.  Once the BTR is issued, INKforce.net automatically monitors each license issued and generates a renewal notice for the all Business Taxes receipts.

INKforce BTR - Business Tax Receipts Module