• Streamline the
  • Planning & Zoning Process
  • Registration
  • Application
  • Payment of Fees
  • Plan Reviews
  • Approvals
  • and Even Messaging

INKforce™ PNZ - Planning and Zoning Module

The INKforce™ Planning and Zoning module (PNZ) is a 100% web-based solution which enables the planning department   to streamline the planning and zoning process, while providing a solution that covers the entire process. INKforce™ PNZ dynamically filters and routes each application to the appropriate parties while load balancing each request based on its complexity.

General Functionality:

  • Manages the life cycle of the application
  • Global system configuration
  • Unified calendar for all planners
  • Creation of unlimited planning job types
  • Automatic fee configuration
  • Customizable fees administration
  • User based auditing
  • Schedule DRC meetings
  • Building code integration to support ISO standards
  • Property management administration
  • Schedule advertising dates
  • Full GIS integration
  • Planning requirements analyzer
  • Imaging and document management storage
  • Plans inventory management
  • Plan review module
  • Executive console monitoring
INKforce PNZ - Planning and Zoning Module