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INKforce teams with Miami-Dade County's 80+ users

by Eric Wells | Oct 01, 2008
October 1, 2008. Miami Dade County today went live with their new INKforce™ Code Enforcement Tracking (CET) software solution. As a large and complex implementation, the INKforce™ professional services organization welcomed the challenge of integrating INKforce™ CET into the county’s two proprietary software applications; an Oracle based “Case Management System” on the front end and the robust home grown “Enterprise Document Management System” on the back end. After a detailed needs analysis, the integration was performed followed by application training and a comprehensive testing procedure. As could be expected, the go-live date was a total success.  As a result of this achievement, new opportunities are opening up to continue building on the partnership with Miami Dade County. This new implementation confirms that the INKforce™ applications will scale without limitation to the largest counties in the country. The County has estimated that the utilization of INKforce™ has yielded a savings of over 500k in the first year.