INKforce™ - Ad-Hoc Reporting

All reports are developed and generated using Microsoft's SQL Reporting Services. SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution that can author, manage, and deliver both paper-oriented and interactive, Web–based reports.

INKforce AD-HOC Reporting

Out of the box reports

Pre-configured reports provide a quick and easy method for collecting and analyzing the common data elements. Each INKforce™ module comes complete with set of the most common reports requested to provide immediate visibility on a daily business of activities such as the status of all Building Permits, number of outstanding code violations, open cases, etc,  while statistical and summary reports allow you to track performance metrics such as the number of cases assigned to each Inspector.

Ad Hoc Reports

Users can create custom ad-hoc reports with the easy to use "Report Builder tool". The Report Builder interface is built using Microsoft Office paradigms such as Excel and PowerPoint. Users start with report layout templates containing pre-defined data, tables, matrices and charts. They navigate the reporting model to select report items and set constraints to filter the report data. The reporting model contains all of the necessary information for the Report Builder to automatically generate the source query and retrieve the requested data.