INKforce™ - Citizen Access Portal

In today's connected world, the more access you can securely provide to your citizens, the better. Pushing valuable and much needed information out to the public 24 x 7 x 365 is an excellent customer service concept, especially in government.

Using the INKforce™ Citizen Access web portal, you allow data to travel bi-directionally, so citizens can not only "pull" the critical data they need out municipal systems, they can also push (or provide) the data that your organization needs.

INKforce Citizen Access Portal

With a completely secure web portal from INKforce™ your organization will:

  • accomplish more in less time
  • provide better communication
  • collaboration to your citizens
  • off load a large portion of your existing manual data entry
  • phone will ring less
  • citizens enjoy the freedom of interacting when it's convenient for them
  • increase efficiencies
  • save time for both staff and residents