INKforce™ - Mobile Solution

Benefits to being mobile:

Inkforce™ Mobile simply stated allows field workers to function at full capacity while away from the office. Regardless of the job function, productive field workers need access in real time to background and support data as well as the ability to quickly gather, save and upload critical new data back to the home office. With the INKforce™ mobile solution your field workers can do exactly that. Using wireless technology, remote workers are able to connect to critical information and applications in real time, thus improving organizational efficiency, increasing information accuracy, and enabling field-based decision-making.  INKforce™ Mobile solutions save your organization time and money by allowing the field worker to optimize their time in the field.
INKforce Mobile Solution

"Connected" mobile

Today, in most communities, wireless technology is available through off the shelf solutions offered by multiple well known brands (Verizon, Sprint, etc). Joining this technology with a large variety of mobile devices (laptops, notebooks, hand-helds, smart phones, etc), the field worker today can quickly and easily become the "mobile" field worker. Best of all, the financial commitment and I.T. support required to become mobile is minimal. When dead zones are encountered in your community and there is no cellular service, how can you work effectively while disconnected? See below to learn about the mobile "disconnect" field worker. 

"Disconnected" mobile

Like it or not, there are many communities across the U.S.with cellular dead-zones (area with no cellular towers and reception). In addition, service outages can happen without warning, not to mention natural disasters. What happens to the mobile worker that looses the connection? With INKforce™ Mobile, you just keep on working! Our application automatically switches back and forth from connected to disconnected based on the availability of a wireless signal. Additionally, this process is transparent to the field worker. Best of all, when disconnected, you still have full system functionality including G.I.S. capability. Once back in cellular range, the application automatically re-connects and starts sending data bi-directionally without any interaction by the field worker. With Mobile INKforce™, connected or disconnected, productivity happens!