INKforce™ - .NET Framework

Through the use of Microsoft technologies, INKforce™ was established as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Built on Web service standards, .NET enables both new and existing personal and business applications to connect with software and services across platforms, applications, and programming languages.

Microsoft .NET–connected software makes the "real-time" enterprise real by:

  • enabling information to flow freely throughout the organization
  • accessibility to your enterprise
  • delivering value to residents
  • users can increase the value of existing systems
  • seamlessly extend those systems to partners, suppliers, and customers.

Data is stored in an MS SQL ®Server 2016 database. An ASP.NET web application is used to create the user interface.  The web application accesses the database by making calls to stored procedures.  All relevant configuration information, including connection strings and other parameters can be found in standard configurations files inside the application.   The web server is provided by Microsoft Internet Information Server.

INKforce Microsoft .NET